The Umthombo Wolwazi Learning Centre is an exciting project ignited by the passionate team from Batseta. 


About Umthombo Wolwazi

The Umthombo Wolwazi Learning Centre is an exciting project initiated by the passionate team from Batseta. The team embarked on a journey to open a new learning centre, which will be utilised in a number of ways to support the professionalisation of both principal officers and trustees (fiduciaries) within the retirement fund industry. The Centre is also open to the general public.
The board of Batseta also encourages the use of this Learning Centre by the   broader industry and general public so as there is a constant flow of training and development opportunities and activities.
The Umthombo Wolwazi Learning Centre is open to the all retirement funds, skill development providers as well as the general public. It is a perfect venue to host your next board or committee meeting, as well as your corporate events.
Come and experience what this one-of-a-kind Learning Centre has to offer and let our team of dedicated professionals take care of all your event requirements. 

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